Energy Drinks

When we review the history, the first energy drinks were used in 1939 for the athletes to be more fit. The first time to take their place on the shelves as a performance drink finds 1970. In our country, it started to become widespread after 1990s.

Energy drinks, which have a combination of performance enhancing plants, have been accepted as a beverage that is preferred by the community working with the principle of business in a short time.

The energy drink industry HARBACIOĞLU Group Food, one of the leading companies in the food, especially Turkey, Germany, Russia, Georgia, China, Kosovo, energy drinks in many countries such as Qatar is engaged in marketing. The products of Mars Grup Gıda, which is mentioned in many countries with its quality, are consumed by being loved.

HARBACIOĞLU Group Food, which has the brands such as Lion Club, Kinetic Blue and T-Pwr Total Power in this quality chain, continuously improves its quality and energy drinks taste for the satisfaction of its customers.


HARBACIOĞLU Group Food's energy drinks, which are produced in hygienic environment with special Italian equipment and fully automatic production facility, can maintain the same taste quality until the end of shelf life and do not harm human health in any way. In addition to these high standards, their prices are more suitable than their competitors.

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml box options, HARBACIOĞLU Group Food's energy drinks are available in wholesale in 24 boxes. Aluminum cans used in packaging are supplied from the number one manufacturers of the sector. HARBACIOĞLU Group Food is able to give full answers to high orders and it is the marketing of energy drinks all over the world.